• Greg Baker

Modernize the Way You Work

Have you noticed that the way we work is changing?

Yes, we're all still sitting at our desks. And yes, we're still required to attend weekly meetings. But look closely at your computer. Have you noticed that more and more of our work programs are in the browser? While it might be a small change to the user, its indicative of a much larger shift.

Every year, we see more applications and services migrate to the cloud. At first, the shift to the cloud was about reducing hardware costs and improving uptime. Now with business data available from anywhere at anytime, our processes are evolving. We're finding that we can offer enhanced services and increase our geographical influence.

This phenomena is known as Digital Transformation, and it's changing everything.

As I said previously, Digital Transformation is more than simply moving data to the cloud.  Digital Transformation requires businesses to rethink fundamental processes and policies.  For small and medium sized businesses, this means looking at how employees access applications and data, what devices can be used in the business and how employees collaborate on tasks.

Modernizing the way we work is the first step. We need to become mobile – business applications and data are accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device.  We need collaboration tools that allow employees to exchange ideas, have conversations and do their best work.  We need safeguards to ensure information security and provide the tools for regulatory compliance.

For many organizations, the first step toward modernization is the implementation of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 offers productivity and collaboration tools that support modern work styles, enables digital transformation, and protects an organization’s assets.  The highly productive environment of Microsoft Teams empowers everyone to achieve more.  Both personal and corporate devices are supported using Microsoft mobile application management and mobile device management solutions.  Comprehensive enterprise security features found in Azure Active Directory, Intune and Azure Information Protection protect users identities, apps, data and devices.

Is your organization is exploring digital transformation and modernizing the way you work? CMA Technology can demonstrate the benefits of Microsoft 365 and will create a transformation plan that implements Microsoft 365 in your office.  Our goal is to help you rethink productivity and update he way you work to a level that meets the needs of your team and your customers.

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