• Greg Baker

Thank you!

Updated: Apr 13

I attended a reception a few weeks ago.  During the mingling and small talk, I was introduced to a lady that I knew by reputation.  Our professional circles were very different, and to my recollection, we had never met.  After a few minutes of conversation, this person asked me if I used to write for the Metro Spirit.  She then proceeded to tell me that she always enjoyed reading the column.

Of course, this admission caught me off guard.  It’s been a few years since my last column.  Given the attention span of pop culture, I figured that my 15-minutes of pseudo-recognition ended long ago.  After the initial unexpectedness subsided, a second feeling took its place – gratitude.

During the time I wrote for the Metro Spirit, folks would regularly express that they enjoyed reading the column.  To all of you who followed me in the Spirit, please know that I appreciate all the kind comments.

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