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Stuff About Windows 10

Stuff About Windows 10 (reprinted from the Metro Spirit 10-22-15)

Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system was released this past summer.  While the operating system has received good reviews, most folks seem content to continue to use their Windows 7 or even their (aghast!) Windows XP operating systems.  That’s completely understandable.  The tech world has long since evolved past the point where an O/S change is considered momentous.  Most folks I know would be more than content to chug along with the same desktop until holograms and voice control become the norm.

Unfortunately, there’s this little product call the “iPad” that messed things up for all us desktop users.  After Apple sold around 100 million of these swipe driven devices, conventional wisdom began to predict the death of the desktop.  After being on the defensive for the past few years, Microsoft sensed an an opportunity to finally take the initiative in the tablet space and delivered the touch-oriented Windows 8.  For most of us, the release was simply another horrible miscalculation that defied common sense.  Given their millions upon millions of Office users, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that someone in Microsoft’s desktop division would ask the question, “Hey, how do you think Windows 8 is going work for someone using a spreadsheet?

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