• Greg Baker

Plan for Problems: How fast do you respond to problems?

The best way to manage technology issues is to avoid them.

The information system of even a small organization is a complex connection of wires and devices that are susceptible to disruptions and outages. Most business managers don't have the knowledge or experience to identify risky configurations. The result is a cobbled-together system that may completely fail with the loss of a $20 switch or some other inexpensive component. CMA Technology is a trusted IP partner that works with you to develop an IT strategy that minimizes downtime and reduces the impact of disruption should it occur. Organizations that plan for problems will sail along in a more stable environment and they won't need to panic when issues arise.

The use of cloud services is a critical component of a resilient IT strategy. Most on-premises deployments implement systems with several single-points-of-failure. The failure of any one of these components will cause your entire infrastructure to crash. Cloud services, especially those hosted by major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, utilize multiple redundancies to provide resiliency and guarantee uptime. CMA Technology is a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner in Cloud Platform and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. Using our recommendations, your organization will utilize the right mix of cloud and on-premises solutions to minimize your risk of downtime and keep your team productive and profitable.

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