• Greg Baker

Case Study: Remote Training

Problem: To train new employees, the trainer for a janitorial company traveled to 5 locations across three states. Employee turnover required the trainer to be on the road a large number of days a month. Each trip required the company to spend financial resources on airfare, hotels, and other travel expenses. Travel days also meant time away from the family and their young children.

Solution: Microsoft Teams and Logitech Conference Cameras turned every conference room into a remote training facility. The trainer worked with the new employees face-to-face. Training videos are shared with all participants and discussed in real-time.

Benefits: This company significantly reduced the amount of travel required for employee training without losing training quality. The financial benefits were significant. The trainer could effectively work with the new employees and ensure they could perform their new job functions. In addition, the trainer could immediately address performance issues due to a lack of knowledge—the virtual component allowed for re-training in real-time. The trainer significantly reduced the number of travel days per month and spent more time with their family.

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