• Greg Baker

Case Study: Remote Site Management

Problem: An assisted living management company purchased seven new communities in two different states. These communities are scheduled to transition to their management on the same day. The assisted living management company needed to ensure continuity of operations through the transition. However, on the day of the changeover, all networks are disconnected, and all computers are wiped. The management company utilizes Office 365 and a cloud-based line-of-business application to manage its operations.

Solution: CMA Technology Command Enterprise defines the system we use to manage remote environments. Desktop, printer, and network configurations are managed in the cloud and are pushed to remote locations. The configurations are created and tested well before the cutover date. On the day of cutover, a limited number of technicians performed a pre-defined script to bring devices online and quickly restore operations.

Benefit: The use of automated provisioning tools eliminates the need for a team of expensive engineers to perform high-risk transition operations. Each device configuration is determined ahead of time, and the provisioning tools ensure the configurations are free of human error. Each desktop is guaranteed to be configured the same, eliminating the costs of human mistakes or one-off configurations.

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