• Greg Baker

Azure Migration

Problem: A medium-sized manufacturing company with three remote sites hosts its ERP system on an aging virtual server cluster at the main location. The hardware is undersized for the application, and the hardware is nearing end-of-life. The remote sites are connected to the main site using VPN tunnels and run their operations off the ERP system hosted at the main facility. The main facility experiences regular issues with Internet connections, disrupting operations at all facilities. Many of the manufacturing contracts are performance-based, and the company is subject to steep fines if they can't meet deadlines.

Solution: Microsoft Azure provides a reliable and secure virtual hosting environment. A lift-and-shift operation moved the 16 virtual machines from the aging platform to the Azure environment. A maintenance window was defined to perform the migration. VPN tunnels were changed to connect to Azure, and all facilities were back operational within a single shift.

Benefit: The manufacturing company eliminated its dependency on aging hardware and Internet issues at the main facility and significantly reduced the risk of missing deadlines due to computer hardware issues. No capital funding was needed to replace the virtual environment, and they eliminated the operational expense of maintaining aging equipment. As adequate resources could now be allocated to the applications, improved performance was reported immediately. In addition, computer resources can be easily added to support future growth.

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