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Our cloud-first technology management enables your workforce to increase productivity and keep your business data secure.

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CMA Command Features

Cloud services are the primary components of modern business operations.  CMA Technology possesses the skill and experience to correctly implement and manage these services.


Automated Maintenance

Our management systems detect when patches are required and deploys updates on a schedule that doesn't disrupt your business.

Responsive Technical Support

Experienced support representatives respond to system alerts and user requests within defined service levels.  Service notes and technical documentation are well managed to reduce resolution time.

Industry-leading Endpoint Security

Endpoints are protected from cyber threats with industry-leading antivirus protection and web filters.  Security awareness modules and simulated phishing attacks help users spot threats.

Operational Reports

Our interactive reports allows you to drill in and gain insight into the operation of your technology assets.

If modern businesses work in the cloud,
why does your current computer guy keep wanting to upgrade your servers?


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