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Data Protection

Hard drives have moving parts, and moving parts break down. Valuable information is under the constant attack from outsiders. Employees can either waste your company time or gain access to data that may bring your office to its knees. We offer a seamless, multiple step solution that works.

Firewall Icon 2 | CMA Technology

Step 1: Isolate your network from the internet using a firewall device.

Many companies overlook this in order to get their internet up and running as fast as possible, but the penalty for failure isn't worth the cost. We believe that this is a vital first step in securing your data from outside attack. Our current solution involves SonicWall network security solution. View it as a lock down alarm system for your network. You have one for your office building, why shouldn't you have one for your data?

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Step 2: Proactively filter web and email traffic to stop social media threats at your network gateway.

This solution comes in two parts, one being a spam and virus firewall and the other being a web filter. The whole system is geared to protect your information systems from spam, viruses, spoofing, phishing, and spyware attacks, Web content filtering blocks employees from visiting sites of your choice and sites that invite potential threats. Barracuda sets the standard for excellence in security.

AntiVirus | CMA Technology

Step 3: Install anti-virus to stop threats at your desktop.

Every desktop must be outfitted with up to date anti-virus software to provide the last line of defense against threats. Vipre's high performance installation does not slow down your machine like older security products. This software efficiently protects from malware threats, viruses, adware, spyware and rootkits.

OffsightData | CMA Technology

Step 4: Keep an offsite copy of your critical business data.

The reassurance that your data will "see you in the morning" may be one of the most important investments that you make. CMA's data protection services protect your businesses critical data from catastrophic events ranging from disk crashes to the destruction of the workplace. Our service includes an affordable backup solution, cmaBackup, that backs your data up via the internet and stores it securely online.

With all of these measures in place, CMA assures you that your data will be protected to the highest possible extent that today's technology will permit. Please don't hesistate to contact us to talk about your situation and the most affordable solution that we can provide to your company.