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Are you tired of breaking out the crash cart for your 10 - 20 year-old phone system? Do you live in fear that that next phone system outage may be a permanant one? If so, CMA has a solution that can affordably put you in a VoIP system that gives you big business features at a small business budget. We treat your phones like they are computers for your voice needs.... Because that's what they are.

Would you like your phone system to zap to the answering service automatically at 5 p.m. everyday?
Would you like to record and retain calls for your records?
Would you like to access your voice mails from your email inbox? From your smartphone?
Would you like to gain efficiency by conducting your own conference calls?

You can do all of this and more. Give us a call, and see how easy it is to finally replace your old phone system and start running your business around your customers needs instead of around your phone system.

Benefits to Voice Over IP

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  • Reduces the Number of Vendors
  • Single Wire Setup – Save Money on Wiring
  • Advanced Features like Call Queuing and Automated Attendant, Hold Music and Call Recording
  • Use with any SIP Compliant Handset
  • No Per User Fees and Licensing Charges
  • Business Grade Sound Quality