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Remote Support


CMA Solutions

Helping businesses run more efficiently is what we have been about for over 30 years. While technology changes frequently, our business-oriented solutions coupled with great customer service keep our customers running in peak form. The true difference is this - a deep knowledge of the technology that got us here puts us miles ahead when reviewing current and future corporate needs for our clients. Today we routinely deliver services that were only dreamed about five years ago.

Data Protection
Among the most important aspects of an IT service is to protect your data. This means protection from both external and internal influence. You may be thinking about backup and disaster recovery. We are also thinking about viruses and employee mismanagement. The good news is there is no excuse for data loss in today's IT environment, ever. We can assure you that your records are safe and secure. Call us to find out how.

Network My Office
If it plugs into an Ethernet cable or wirelessly passes through the air, we are on it. Every office is different in the way information travels. Every project is unique but with over 30 years of history we can say there is nothing we can't handle. While a favorite tag line for Burger King was "have it your way," we can assure you that our Face to Face IT program will exceed your expectations and you can truly have it "your way."

This technology has revolutionized telephony and continues to integrate features that make communication a tool, rather than a device. We were among the first to introduce this technology to our clients and continue to stay ahead of the curve. Let us show you the endless possibility of IT and VOIP as it relates to your business.

When we began, the five inch floppy disc was yet to be introduced. So what? Well, that means we have sold and serviced virtually every product since computers were introduced to the masses. Do you think we know what we are doing? You bet! It also means we have access to the best hardware and software technology today and with our experience, we know the great from the wannabe products. Let us help you choose the best for your application.

Video Conferencing
If you think video conferencing was good the last time you saw it, you should see it now. You can save the time and cost of travel and hold virtual meetings with multiple participants right in your office. The set up is unobtrusive, and the value is over the top.