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We serve a wide variety of clients including Manufacturing and Distribution, Legal, Financial, Healthcare, Government, Professional Services and many others. With more than 30 years of service, it is likely that we have served clients in virtually all major fields.

Manufacturing and Distribution
Let us listen to your needs and share a few similar case studies. We have the tools and products. What makes us better is the extraordinary level of personal service we provide. We spend time with you, doing what we call Face to Face IT, the original communication device, your words to our ears.

With over 60 active medical clients in numerous specialties, CMA understands the unique needs of Healthcare IT. EMR conversions, Meaningful Use Audits and HIPPA Risk Assessments are our specialty. We know your needs will vary based on the size of your practice and the degree of interaction with patients. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to healthcare needs. From HIPAA to Phone Systems to Disaster Recovery to Cloud Services, there is a good chance that our services can make your operation more efficient.
Call us and see the difference Face to Face IT can make in improving patient care.

Local Government
With cuts in spending and income, local governments of any size are seeking help with efficiencies and costs while seeking more services from a demanding public. Our turn-key operations have been the solution in a number of situations. In others, we provide key products and services alongside internal IT specialists. The need varies from group to group so allow us to show you the difference Face to Face IT can make when choosing a provider.

Professional Service Companies
With more than 30 years of experience, we have found many work place solutions for a wide variety of professional service firms. We understand the necessity of regulatory compliance and client data protection, and the list of possibilities grows every day as new technologies are introduced to allow you to work faster, smarter, better and stay more connected. We stay on top of all of this so you are up to date. And with the cmaCloud we are driving costs down to stay up with technology. Call us for a free consultation, and see what Face to Face IT is about.